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Adele Arakawa a popular American news anchor for the famous television network NBC’s KUSA-TV in Denver, Colorado. She is also popularly known across America for being the very first female radio DJ in Knoxville which is located in Tennessee. She is also the female voice which is heard in the airport train system of the Denver International Airport.

Early life and education

Adele Arakawa was born as Adele Hausser on August 31, 1958 in Hawaii where she was raised for majority of her childhood before the entire family moved to Tennessee. She later started taking up college courses when she was 16 years old from the Tennessee Tech University. It was that time when she also worked as a radio disc jockey in Chilton which is located in Tennessee.

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Husband and children

  • Adele married her husband Barry Tiller in the year 1977. The couple are parents to a son named Travis who was born in 1985.


It was in the year 1981 that Adele took a transition from her radio jockey job and started working as a television news reporter. She started it with working at WTVK in the weather department and it was then that she started using the surname Arakawa which is also her mother’s maiden name.

She later relocated to Raleigh in North Carolina where she started working as a co-presenter in the weekday evening news shows for the WRAL TV along with Charlie Gaddy and Bob Debardelaben. She again moved with her family to Chicago where she started anchoring the weekly evening newscasts in the CBS network.

Since 1993, Adele has been anchoring the weekly evening newscasts at the KUSA-TV in Denver. Later on December 06, 2016 she announced her retirement date after 40 long years of her career. Her very last show is going to air on June 30, 2017.

Adele Arakawa – Salary and Net Worth

She earns $150,000 per year and her net worth is $1.5 million.

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