What makes Kate Bolduan Special?

Katherine Jean “Kate” Bolduan is a renowned American broadcast journalist and television news host. Bolduan, who started her career in the capacity of a general assignment reporter went on to work for one of the nation’s biggest news media houses, the NBC network. She gained national prominence after starting her career at CNN where she served in several positions, from general assignment reporter to co-host to solo anchor.

Bolduan’s body of work at NBC included working as a production assistant on shows like ‘NBC News’, ‘Dateline NBC’, ‘’NBC Nightly News’ as well as MSNBC. She is currently serving as the host of her own morning news show titled ‘At This Hour with Kate Bolduan’ which airs on the CNN network. On CNN international, Bolduan serves as the hosts of ‘State of America with Kate Bolduan’.  She formerly hosted ‘The Situation Room’ and ‘New Day’.

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Early Life and Education

Bolduan was born in her native city of Goshen, Indiana, USA on 28 July 1987. She is the second oldest daughter of her parents who are medical professionals, Doctor Nadine and Doctor Jeffrey Bolduan and has 2 older and 1 younger sister. Bolduan’s was raised as a Jew and is of White Ethnicity.

Bolduan studied at Goshen High School, Goshen, Indiana from where she completed her high school education. She then went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in journalism after graduating as a Phi Beta kappa from the George Washington University, Washington D.C., in 2005. At University, Bolduan played volleyball on the women’s team and even participated in its student theatre organization.

Career Rise

Bolduan, who started her media career as a general assignment reporter employed by the ABC affiliate WTVD in Raleigh, North Carolina served at NBC for several years working as a production assistant until she was offered a position at CNN which changed the course of her career. Bolduan started in the capacity of a congressional correspondent based in Washington, D.C. and soon became a general assignment correspondent. She worked with the subscription based CNN Newsource as a national correspondent responsible for providing breaking news and feature stories to CNN affiliates across USA. Some of her most prolific work includes the coverage of the 2008 presidential election in USA, O.J. Simpson’s armed robbery case, the collapse of the Minneapolis Bridge and the retirement of Space Shuttle fleet by NASA.

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Bolduan’s first role at the CNN studios was in the capacity of a co-anchor of ‘The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer’. In 2013, Bolduan was offered a position in the New York studios of CNN in June 2013 where she began hosting the weekday morning news show ‘New Day’. She was later assigned as the co- host of the weekdays show ‘At This Hour’ alongside John Berman but was later named as the show’s sole host with the show being renamed to ‘At This Hour with Kate Bolduan’. Bolduan also hosts ‘State of America with Kate Bolduan’ which was earlier dedicated to covering the U.S. Presidential election of 2016 and currently covers breaking news stories in the country.


Bolduan, who was in a relationship with Michael David Gershenson, an employee of the The Carlyle Group for many years, tied the knot with him in May 2010. The couple first lived in Washington D.C but moved to New York after Bolduan was offered the studio positions. Bolduan announced her pregnancy on her morning show ‘New Day’ in early 2015 and welcomed their first child, a daughter named Cecelia Eve Gershenson in fall, in September 2014.

Her mother was involved in two major road accidents; one due to reckless driving and another involving driving under intoxication for which she spent 12 months in prison.

Kate Bolduan – Net Worth and Salary

Bolduon earns an annual salary of an estimated $200,000 with an approximate net worth of $3 Million.

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