Scott Pelley and his CBS Journey

Scott Pelley is an experienced broadcast journalist from America. He became the managing director and anchor of CBS Evening News on June 2011. He has covered national stories, political wars, breaking news and has made a deep mark in the journalism industry.

Early life and background

Born on 28th July 1957, in San Antonio, Texas, Pelley spent his childhood days in Lubbock. He graduated in that place from Coronado High School. He obtained a job in journalism at the age of 15. He worked as the copyboy for Lubbock Avalanche-Journal and then majored in Journalism from Texas Tech University, which is situated at Lubbock.

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Scott began his career at Lubbock’s KSEL-TV in 1975 as a broadcast journalist. In 1978 he moved to KXAS-TV in Fort Worth and quickly switched to WFAA-TV in Dallas in the year 1982. He remained there for 7 years. In 1985, he had reported about Guatemalan refugees who lived in remote jungles of Mexico. This story had caught the attention of CBS News executives but he became the part of CBS Network only after four years.

Scott’s CBS journey started in 1989 in New York City. He then returned to Dallas to cover national affairs from the CBS bureau. Pelley had covered the story of Gulf war in 1990/1991. He reported from Baghdad and travelled with Airborne Corps in its attack on Kuwait and Iraq. The 1992, presidential Campaign of Bill Clinton and Ross Perot was covered by Pelley. He also got an opportunity to cover the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, the siege near Waco, Texas and 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing.

From 1997-1999, Pelley has served as the CBS’ News Chief White House correspondent. He joined 60 Minutes II in 1999. In 2001, he got the chance to cover the 9/11 attack on World Trade Centre from the scene. Pelley has done some great works covering the climatic shift of the Arctic and Antarctic, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the economic downfall of 2008-2009, interview with Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman. This interview was honored with an Emmy award. He had also interviewed the person who killed Osama Bin Laden.

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scott pelley photo

Pelley had shown his hard work by covering news of Persian Gulf Crisis (1990) to Invasion of Iraq (1991). Scott Pelley has done several war reporting in of places like Iraq, Kuwait etc.  He has covered the genocide in the Darfur (in Sudan) and many more. The Darfur report was also honored by the prestigious Emmy Award.

Scott Pelley became a part of CBS Evening News in 2011 succeeding Katie Couric.

Scott Pelley- Wife and Children

scott pelley wife jane boone

Pelley married Jane Boone, a former TV reporter of Dallas TV station KXAS Channel 5. He has a daughter and a son.

Scott Pelley – Net Worth and Salary

His net worth is estimated to be $16 million with an annual income of $7 million, as per 2016 records.


Scott’s house is situated in Connecticut, US. This home is of 8000 square feet and consists of six bathrooms and six bedrooms. It was purchased for $4 million in 2007.

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