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Katherine Kay or Katty Kay, as everyone knows her, as is a famous British journalist. She is presently working as the lead anchor of BBC World News America. She worked as a correspondent for BBC News Washington D.C. before her current occupation. Kay is widely known for her popular blog True/Slant which she has stopped using since 2009. Apart from that she is also an active board member of the International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF).

Apart from being a famous television presenter, Kay has also published two books. Her first book, ‘Womenomics’ released on July 02, 2009, which she wrote collaborating with Good Morning America’s senior National Correspondent, Claire Shipman. Her second book, The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance—What Women Should Know was published on April 15, 2014.

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Early Life and Education

Katty Kay was born on November 14, 1964, in the United Kingdom. She grew up traveling and relocating to a lot of places in the Middle East due to her father’s job. Her father was a British diplomat. Kay pursued her higher education at the University of Oxford where she majored in modern languages.

She can speak fluent French and Italian. After her graduation, Kay worked for the Bank of England which was something that she didn’t want to continue because she believed that a career in Economics was not for her and so she left to work for an aid agency located in Zimbabwe.

It was her friend Matt Frei who persuaded her to opt for a career in journalism. That’s when Kay joined BBC, Zimbabwe as a correspondent for the African section of the BBC World Service in the year 1990.

She has been posted in different parts of the world, starting from London, working for BBC World Service Radio, then to Tokyo for BBC News Television and then finally in Washington D.C. She joined The Times in 1996 but continued her journey with BBC as a freelance journalist. Apart from that, she is also part of the guest panelist on The Chris Matthews Show and Meet the Press on NBC. She also occasionally substitutes for Diane Rehm on The Diane Rehm Show which airs on NPR.

In one of her recent shows Morning Joe on MSNBC, she was asked to switch off her microphone by the former presidential candidate Ben Carson when she counteracted him about defending the sexual accusations on Trump.

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Katty Kay – Husband and Children

Kay is married to Tom Carver who happens to be an ex-BBC reporter and is currently the Senior Vice President of the Control Risks Group. The couple is happily married and is the proud parents of four children.


  • Katty Kay doesn’t believe in religion and is an agnostic.
  • Kay has done several guest appearances, including one in the Larry King Live which airs on CNN.
  • She co-presented the BBC world news bulletins that aired in around 230 public broadcast television stations throughout the entire United States.
  • Kay is very active on her social media accounts and tends to keep in touch with her fans.
  • She has written books regarding women empowerment and has been a very influential figure when it comes to fighting for equal rights for women.

Katty Kay – Salary and Net Worth

Some sources peg her salary at $245,000 with a net worth of $1 million.

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