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Julie Roginsky is a renowned American television and news personality who serves as a TV host and commentator. She is also a strategist for the Democratic Party. Roginsky gained popularity for her work on the Fox Network’s Fox News Channel where she served in the capacity of a co-host and contributor for the show ‘Outnumbered’. She also co-hosted the network’s show ‘The Five’ occasionally. Roginsky also served in the capacity of a news contributor at the CNBC network.

A well known columnist, Roginsky has penned several articles for several reputed networks including Forbes,,, Politico and also the Star-Ledger. In 1999, Roginsky was named as the first female manager of the Democratic Coordinated Campaign of New Jersey and was also named as New Jersey’s Communications director in the same year.

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Early Life and Education

Roginsky was born on 25 April 1973 in the capital city of Moscow, Russia as the daughter of Tanya and Abram Roginsky. Roginsky;s parents have Jewish ancestry and were labelled as Soviet dissidents. In the early years of her life, Roginsky was raised by her grandparents who were initially prohibited to leave the Soviet Union. They remained Refusniks for a decade. For a brief period of time in her childhood, Roginsky lived in London, England and Paris, France before her family immigrated to USA. She is of White ethnicity

Upon immigrating to USA, Roginsky settled with her family in New York City. The family then settled in New Jersey’s Plainsboro Township where she attended Princeton Day School. After graduating high school, Roginsky moved to Boston University, Massachusetts where she earned both, her Bachelors and Masters if Arts Degree. Roginsky continues to hold her Russian citizenship.

Career Rise

Roginsky started her political career after being hired to work on Dale McCormick’ congressional campaign, working for the Political Action Committee, ‘Emily List’. She later campaigned for New Jersey’s Rep. Frank Pallone who emerged successful in his run against Mike Fergusson. In 1999, Roginsky became the first female manager of the New Jersey’s Democratic Coordinate Campaign and later served in the capacity Democratic State Committee’s communications director. She continued to serve in the role after moving to Washington D.C., working on the campaign of Jon Corzine, elected to the United States Senate. Roginsky founded a public relations and political consultation firm named Comprehensive Communications Group in 2003.

In 2004, Roginsky made her first appearance on Fox News Channel as a Democratic strategist. She also served as an on-air contributor for the CNBC network in 2009 and subsequently served as a columnist for Fox News also offered her the position of an on-air contributor in 2011, where she also wrote articles for Roginsky’s television appearances include MSNBC, CNN and HLN. She resigned from Fox News on 30 June 2017.

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Julie Roginsky – Pictures

Personal Life

Roginsky has never divulged any details about her romantic life. She is a mother to her biological son Zachary Peter Roginsky but has never spoken in the media about a husband, boyfriend or partner, leaving the media speculating about the child’s father. Whether she is a single mother, living with her partner, conceived the child naturally or via IVF is also not known.

Roginsky, in 2010, filed a lawsuit against Fox News, Bill Shines and Roger Ailes, the network’s CEO, in New York Supreme Court alleging sexual harassment. In the lawsuit, Roginsky has claimed that Ailes offered her a permanent position if she were to oblige with sexual favours.

Julie Roginsky – Salary and Net Worth

Her salary is an estimated $300,000 with a net worth of $2 million

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