Cenk Uygur – The Young Turk

Cenk Kadir Uygur is a renowned Turkish-American businessman, columnist, political activist and commentator who is best known for his role as the co-founder and host of his show ‘The Young Turks’, which is an American liberal socio-political commentary program, a web-series airing on YouTube. One of the best known political commentators in the United States, Uygur formerly served in the capacity of an associate attorney based in New York City and Washington D.C. When he was younger, Uygur criticized abortion, feminism and affirmative action, and identified and adopted socially conservative views. Currently, Uygur identifies himself as a progressive.

Ugyur served in the capacity of a political commentator for MSNBC, also appearing as a substitute host and contributor for the network. He served as a host for the network’s weeknight commentary show from January to June 2011, until Al Sharpton replaced him. He also served at Current TV, hosting a weeknight commentary show. He was named the chief news officer for Current TV, serving from 2012-2013. His web-series ‘The Young Turks’ was also adopted for television by Current TV under the name ‘The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur’.

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Early Life and Education

Uygur was born on 21 March 1970 in Istanbul, Turkey to his parents. When Uygur turned 8, his family moved to USA and spent most of his childhood years in New Jersey. Ugyur has one sibling; a sister named Sedef Piker. Uygur, who was raised as a Muslim, faced bullying in his high school years, owing to his birth religion which prompted him to identify himself as a “fervent agnostic” and describes himself as an atheist.

Uygur attended the East Brunswick High School, New Jersey from where he graduated. He later enrolled into Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to earn a Bachelor’s degree in management. At Wharton, Uygur was elected as the Turkish Students Association representative. He later attended Columbia Law School from here he earned a Juris Doctor Degree.

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Career Rise

Ugyur embarked upon a political activism career and even wrote articles and columns for several magazines and newspapers, identifying as a conservative in his early years. Most of his articles featured in ‘The Daily Pennsylvanian’. Uygur founded ‘The Young Turks’ an entertainment show in 2002, after adopting liberal views, and used the show as a platform to air his liberal political views. The show became a huge success online and thrust Uygur into limelight. With 3 Million subscribers and 1 million views, the show is one of the biggest hits on YouTube.

Uygur was hired by Current TV in 2011 and his YouTube show was adapted to television under the name ‘The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur’. The show aired until August 2013 on television. In 2010, MSNBC employed Uygur as a substitute host and contributor and was later made the prime-time news anchor. He continued at the network for a year, until 2011. In Late 2011, Uygur launched Wolf-Pack, during the peak of the Occupy Wall Street movement, with the aim of organizing a convention to end ‘Corporate Personhood’. After President Trump’s inauguration ceremony in January 2017, Uygur formed the political action committee ‘Justice Democrats’ with the aim of bringing the attention of the Democrats to social and progressive views with the support of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.

Cenk Ugyur – Wife

Uygur dated marriage and family therapist Wendy Lang. After a courtship of several years, the couple announced their marriage. In July 2010, the couple became parents to their first child, a son called Prometheus Maximus Uygur. They welcomed their second child, a daughter named Joy Helena Uygur in October 2012.

Ugyur claims to be an ardent fan of the Turkish Fenerbahçe Spor Kulübü football team, that he has been following since his days in Turkey.

Net Worth

Ugyur has an estimated net worth of approximately $5 Million.


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