Billy Bush – Know more about him

Bill Bush is a popular American anchor and radio show host. He is synonymous with ‘The Billy Bush Show’, a nationally syndicated radio program aired in the county. He has been also associated with NBC News, and was hired for the ‘Third Hour’ on ‘Today Show’ in 2016 but was removed in October 2016, following his uncharitable remarks against women, dating back to 2005,

Early life

William Hall ‘Billy Bush’ was born on on October 13, 1971 in New York (Manhattan) to parents Jonathan Bush (he is the younger brother to George H.W Bush, the ex- US President) and Josephine.

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Bush studied in St. Bernard’s School and St. George’s School in Rhode Island. In 1994, he graduated from Colby College, Maine with a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies and Government.

Career Risebilly-bush-photo

Bush began his career as an anchor of the afternoon show on WLKZ-FM Channel aired in New Hampshire; this was in the 90s. The turning point in his career came when he became a part of ‘Access Hollywood’ in 2001. From a correspondent, he became the primary anchor of the program in 2004.

Bush also hosted many other shows for NBCs, which including hosting the Summer Olympics in 2004. He co-hosted Miss Universe pageant 4 times with co-anchors  Claudia Jordan and Nancy O’Dell.   He also began an illustrious radio career, where he hosted the night-time eponymous show ‘ The Billy Bush Show’.


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Bush quit ‘Access Hollywood’ in 2016 and was selected to be the co-host for  the ‘third hour’ on the highly popular ‘Today Show’ on NBC. However, following a leaked Donald Trump tape controversy which was a part of, he was no longer a part of NBC from October 10, 2016.

Billy Bush – Wife and Children


He has a wife known as Sydney Davis. The two got married on  April 4, 1998. The family along with three daughters reside in Los Angeles.

Lewd Tape Controversy

On October 7, 2016, a video tape surfaced on YouTube where Donald Trump and Bush were seen conversing in a bus about Trump hitting out at women.  The name dropped in particular was Billy Bush’s co-anchor Nancy O’Dell. Donald Trump was overheard saying how he failed to seduce her and Bush was heard as laughing along and cheering him.


Following the tape’s leak in 2016, there was widespread uproar against Trump and Bush.  Billy Bush in his statement said that he had acted foolishly, as he was just 34 years old at that time. NBC  was not  convinced, they had an internal review on October 9 and removed him from his job on October 10, 2016.

 Billy Bush – Salary and Net Worth

The news anchor earns as a salary of $3 million, with a net worth of $9 million.

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